Thursday, June 26, 2008

How can I do nothing and be so tired?

It could, perhaps, have to do with a late night ballgame with Duck and her boyfriend at a Cubs game where there was mucho beer and a Chicago dog or two involved. Forgive me Father, for I have sinned...I put ketchup on my dog. And, yes, that is a transgression worthy of a few Hail Marys here in the 'hood. I claim ignorance though!

I had a blast with Duck and her man. We had great seats, though no foul balls despite her BF's preparedness with his 17 year old glove! ;-) It was a beautiful night at Wrigley. I made friends with the usher sitting next to me and Duck and I dished about all sorts of random, fun things! Sorta like a Girl's Night Out all wrapped up in a pretty package of a perfect summer night at the ballpark and tied with a beautiful ivy bow. Poor Duck's boy though. I felt for the guy! Two gabby girls talking about all sorts of stuff that he could not give two shits about. However, he was a great and amazing sport and I've heard from a lil' birdie that he had fun, too. Good fun.

Today we spent nearly five hours at the pool. My kids are self sufficient at the pool, so I get to perch on a lounge chair and chit chat with my girls. Or, I lounge on the side using a nice bucket snagged from an unsuspecting child to cool my gams whilst chatting. But, I'm pooped. I lounge around for five hours and I'm tired? What is up with that? It must be the heat. I fear I'm turning into my grandmother with the "it must be the heat." And, well, not getting my hair wet at the pool. Not that I was *that* woman, paddling around, chin in the air, with a horrid pained look on her face due to the neck strain of keeping perfectly coiffed hair above water! No, I was not that woman. However, if I show up in a plastic rain hood, someone shoot me! For without a doubt, if I pull out a plastic, folded up rain hood from my Queen Elizabeth style purse, then yes, I have become my grandmother!!! Not that she isn't a good woman, she is. I just have no desire to be Victorian.

My husband reports in that the sunlight in Alaska is weird. And, that's about all he has to say about that! I told him that it could be worse. He could be there when it is dark nearly 24 hours. And, to that he concurred. He's hoping to get out in the next day or so and actually get to do some sightseeing. I hope that he can! It's a shame to go all that way and not get to have some fun.

Later gators.


Julia said...

The game sounds like a blast!

I just got back from vaca, and spent the whole time on the beach, in the pool, and in a chair. I slept at least 10 hours each night, and was exhausted by bedtime every night.

So, I have no answer for you. You're not alone, though.

Delane said...

WE had a great time at the game too!