Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where the hell has summer gone?

I can't believe it is over. Labor Day weekend. Yikes. It seems like it just started. Oh well.

I've been MIA pretty much due to end of summer flurry of activities. Did the Dells. Been to numerous ballgames, though have not see the Flock of Seagulls guy again. Bummer. *snort* We've been busy with back to school cream social, meet and greet with the teachers, orientation, etc. It's crazy. And, on Tuesday, my daughter will don her Catholic School girl uniform and start kindergarten. Wednesday, my baby boy starts preK. Ay yi yi.

As for me, I'm back to tennis. My left knee is NOT cooperating and the plantar fascitis in my right foot has flared up again. This has made running completely impossible and tennis very painful. I hope to get back to the miles in the next week or so, assuming the knee goes back to normal.

eh, that's all I gots.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

We've returned from the North...

I'll have pictures to post and such, but I've not been home very long. And, the great North offered very limited to no internet connection! Ay yi yi. We were in the Dells from Sunday to Friday. On Friday, we headed out and ended up in Milwaukee. Totally unplanned. It turned out to be a blast with the Irish Fest in town. Here's my little man getting down at the festival...

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I finally got him to cooperate and leave it spiky long enough to get a couple of pictures. He has, for some reason, gotten very self conscious about his rock star hair. Whaddya gonna do?

Friday, August 1, 2008

It's the little things...

Tuesday, I walked down to Wrigley to see if there were any decent seats for the first ever minor league ballgame to be played in Wrigley Field. I was able to get four decent seats for $10 a piece. A good price when planning on taking small children. Just in case someone gets cranky and you have to bail! This was about noon. My son then spent the next six hours asking me assorted questions such as, what's taking so long? when is daddy gonna be home? can we leave now? is it time yet? and so on and so forth...those that have ever been around kids know the drill!

Finally, Daddy got home and we headed out the ballgame. We arrived with some time to spare so we hit a bar across from Wrigley. Beers for the grown ups, Sprite and lemonade for the munchkins. Those questions above, yeah, well, repeat 'em again! Unfortunately, my husband was having to deal with some work related issues and, basically, disappeared on me. So, out comes Momma's camera!

This is my lil' dude enjoying his Sprite.

This is what happens when I hand the camera to his sister and she says "act crazy!"

And finally, it was time for a couple of pictures with mom...

I say it is the little things because both of my children have talked about the crazy photos and want copies for their picture books (photo albums they carry in their backpacks.) They've talked nonstop of the popcorn and ice cream and going to see the teams play where the Cubs play, but it wasn't the Cubs. And, the cab ride home. While I do not normally toss my children in the back of a cab, we did this time. We left the stands a bit early to try to let the kids run the bases post game. However, there were probably about 8,000 people in line! Egads. There were about 32,000 there which was a record for a single A team. So, no way, were we going to wait with two almost asleep children. Thus the "we'll get something at the stand outside the stadium!" bribe. So, we left. We made our usual stop to see the firetrucks and the kids got to "drive." I had my crappy point and shoot camera with me, so the pics sucked. We thanked the firefighters and DD promised them cookies and homemade banana bread for the chance to sit in the truck. I guess I need to get busy. And, then we headed to pick out our mementos of the game. And, all hell broke loose...a huge bolt of lightning, a massive clap of thunder and the heavens opened up! So, we tossed money at the vendors for overpriced stuff and threw ourselves into a cab. All in all, a great evening!

I tweaked my knee at tennis on Monday and had to beg off on Wednesday. It's no longer swollen, but it still feels squishy. I fear I'm actually going to have to go to a PT at some time. I'm holding out though. I'm also struggling with the fact that my daughter wants to do gymnastics and every single morning when it hurts me to get out of bed, I am reminded of what gymnastics did to my body. Eh, hell, who am I kidding, it isn't just the morning! I've got to figure out what to do about her desire to hurl her bod through the air though.

We had a great night tonight hanging at the pool with some of our friends from school. Pizza party and swimming. Does it get much better than that? Well, of course, the main pool had to be closed for a bit due to the ol' Baby Ruth (ala Caddyshack) but that didn't phase us. We had two other pools to play in. DD was hanging with the older boys (going into 1st grade) and DS was schmoozin' the ladies his age. God help me. We all had to clear out eventually due to lightning in the area. Not a good thing while hangin' at the pool! My kids and my DH are thoroughly wiped out and well, I'm running on fumes. The heat is supposed to hit ChiTown full fledged on Sunday and Monday. We have tickets to the Sunday Cubs game. It could be interesting. Now, only if I have someone's hair to mock...