Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another hour of tennis...

Tomorrow, I hit the court at noon for a lesson with a new hitting partner. We tried to hook up previously, but she had some unexpected things come up and couldn't make it. We've never met. But, we did play on courts side by side a few weeks ago. I was having my usual lesson, she was playing with someone else. She has since pestered my coach nonstop to hit with me. It's shocking for me to think that someone considers me good enough to play. That's a new thing for me. I've never been someone considered an athlete, so this is all new! I am so glad to start adding hours of tennis back to my week though.

I've been toying with doing a Team in Training event. I've some very personal reasons for this. Since I've opted to make this a public blog, I'll just leave it as personal reasons. Just when I wrote it off, though, a brochure appeared in my mailbox. I don't know if this is some sort of sign or something. I don't. My concern is, largely, that training for such an event will screw up my tennis. That is my first love, really. Though, I feel compelled to do something, to reach out, to try to make a difference. I'm torn on many levels about this. Ugh.

The weather has turned now. There is talk of snow flurries tonight. Most of the leaves have dropped. It is wet and cold and I could swear there was sleet hitting our windows earlier today. I'm still toying with some 5ks this fall, but I've not signed up for any. I need to get on the ball!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is there such a thing as Tennis Ass?

If so...I have it. My butt is killing me. And, my thighs. My usual routine is Tuesday/Thursday for tennis. And, then I added Zumba on Wednesday. But, I was so friggin' sore from tennis on Tuesday that the mere thought of Zumba made me want to vomit!

Is my coach punishing me for branching out? I don't know! He's decided that I could play a full level higher than what I am playing at and is now determined to make me play up to my full potential. Playing at my full potential apparently means developing a wicked topspin on both fore and backhand. An amazing backhand slice. And being able to muscle the yellow fuzzy beyond even a Williams sister. *snort* Oh goodie. I did get a very legit winners by him on Tuesday, though, so I guess he is right. And judging by the pain I am feeling right now, the aforementioned ass and thighs and assorted upper body parts, well, it was two hours of this week that were definitely harder than the same two hours last week! Tonight, I'm sitting here with throbbing gluts and twitchy thighs sipping a Cab. Hey! I deserve it after an hour of pretending to be a windshield wiper running from one sideline to the other.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my running. I'm not. More 5ks, of course. I don't know if I want to go beyond that or not. I have a motivational factor right now, but I don't want to screw up tennis! That's my first love.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Should've been in Miami...

I'm sad that I'm missing the festivities in Miami and the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in support of my friend. I hope that she and my friends that went had a great time. And will have a great time tonight!

I did log 5k today, but not all running. I must ease back into this with the foot. I did intervals and it felt good. It was a beautiful day here in Chicago. Kinda weather I love! I do so love fall.

I was also able to clear out some more clutter from this place I call home. We are streamlining and downsizing. We all have way too much shit and there is no need for it! The way things are economically right now, I know there are those that can use our excess a lot more than we can. I took three bags of DD's outgrown clothing to a friend whose sister has several children and not a lot of cash. I had contemplated just calling the Salvation Army, but as I dropped this off to my friend and saw her smile, a deep down inside smile, I knew I'd made the right decision to drive a bit out of my way.

My public service announcement, do not buy TunesPlus2.0 as an alternative to iTunes. It sucks hairy monkey balls. I'm going to use the CD as a coaster for my beer. I've been trying to figure out a way to get the music off of my ipod and onto my new computer. It looks like I might be able to use Rhapsody to do this. Well, since they finally have a 64 bit Vista version! Woo!

Date night tonight. I'm lacking any sort of enthusiasm. I really just like to curl up with a Twilight book. Something tells me that is NOT DH's game plan. eh.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


It's been a weird 24 hours. I can't fully express it, but it has me down in the dumps. Most likely, those of you that read this know why, so that's that. I can't dwell on it, but it was heavy on my mind this morning. I did something I should always think to do when I feel shitty. Grab my camera. I dropped the kids off at school and headed to the lake, camera in hand. I sat there, watched the waves roll in, the fishermen fishing, the scattered sailboats bobbing about, the gulls circling, and wondered at the silence. Here I am, in Chicago, and the sound of the waves breaking and the random chirps from the gulls could drown out the sirens, traffic, airplanes, El, and general city chaos. And, I found some relief. I also found a neat lil' nature sanctuary that I can't wait to return to.

So, in this moment of release, relief, and freedom, I decided to resurrect my photography blog in hopes of posting a Chicago photo on a daily basis. And, if I can't post a Chicago photo, to at least post something. Photography is such a release for me.

I also played tennis today. Sweated so profusely that I had salt crystals on my face! I was playing so far beyond how I normally play. I don't know where it came from other than a good distraction to the demons in my head. I played a good full level, maybe more, than what I normally do. My coach even remarked on it. He broke a legit sweat too and said he was hitting at me harder than he ever had. I hope this is not a flash in the pan, but something that I can continue. Again, it was a great source of relief. I'd forgotten what a great joy and sense of release that a good workout really was. And, this was on the heels of Zumba! I did that again last night.

I've gone three solid days with NO plantar fascitis pain. WOO HOO!!! So, with that, back to the running. I've also met to other women that would like to play tennis, so hopefully, I can get some more games going and get back to tennis 4-5 times a week. Slow and steady, though. Don't wanna piss off the foot!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I've got a new laptop!!! And, I Zumba'd!!!

I don't recall what exact number of laptop this is for me, but since I've moved to Chicago, it is number three. #1 is still working, though it is archaic. #2 died in it's toddler time. Only 18 months. This one, shiny and newborn as of (well, to me) today. Already, I've had issues. Wouldn't boot properly the first time powered up. My cell phone is acting wonky, too. Will only charge with random chargers at random times. The house alarm mocks me at times. My dishwasher used to make random beeping noises at me. My dryer's electrical brain went on hiatus not long after we got it, leaving me dryerless for almost two months. My DH's fish tank barks out alarms when it is only me in the house. The baby monitor spontaneously screeches at me. I'm beginning to think I have bad electronic karma.

Though my joy of the new laptop means little to you, I'm beyond excited. I can FINALLY start processing pictures again. The archaic laptop and Photoshop had a very tumultuous and hateful relationship. It was NOT good. So, in the next few weeks, I hope to update the hell outta my private blog. I also hope to migrate the Tipsy Chef website to a free, Boiler's not paying for it!, blog too.

I'm now back to WW meetings. A good friend that works at our club sweet talked me into going with her. She's a doll. She's taken care of my kids through her department for years now. So, off we went. It is good to be back in control again. I'm so proud of her as she has always bailed just a few weeks in. On Friday, she bought a monthly pass!!!! She's committed. I'm so happy for her!

However, in addition to her talking me into going back to meetings, she talked me into..... ZUMBA! I'd flirted with it, but our club had not offered it. I couldn't see joining the Y, or elsewhere, just for that. Recently, they brought it to our club! So, Wednesday night, I zumba'd. And, holy shit, I'm still sore!!! I played tennis on Tuesday, Zumba Wednesday, tennis Thursday. And come Saturday, I'm still sore? I mean, I consider myself somewhat fit. I can hold my own on the court. You can bounce quarters off of assorted body parts, mostly legs and ass. But, Zumba made me this achy?!?!? Of course, I've never been an aerobics class kinda gal, but hey, this was fun! So, I'm back. I'll go back. It was fun despite the fact that I felt like a schmoe. That the kitchen staff was watching. That I was red faced, sweaty, and uncoordinated. Yeah, it was fun!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Is there really more than one Wenkus in Illinois?

Honestly, is the number really necessary on this license plate? Are people really and truly lining up for Wenkus plates? And, why do I find this so amusing? This is one I had no explanation for the Boiler Brats when they asked why I was laughing so hard.

This one was more self explanatory as even they found blue ponytails sticking out of a bike helmet amusing.

And, I leave you with a scene from the ONE playoff game I got to go to. Stupid Cubs. ~grr~ We had great seats, but it was a bizarre night weatherwise. If you notice, up in the sky, is the DirectTV blimp. That's the closest thing that Wrigley has to a big screen.

Tennis was good today, but I'm sore. We've been working on getting more power into my shots and the delt in my right arm is quivering. As are my thighs. The plantar fascitis has not reared its ugly head today, so if all is good...I'm going to attempt Zumba tomorrow. This. Could. Be. Amusing. From there, it is back to tennis on Thursday, and then possibly a run on Friday. I've three room mom meetings in the next two days. I'm gonna be peeved is this cuts into my ME time!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just as I was about to off myself...

The Colts pulled it out.

Seriously, people, I was just about ready to scale the Hancock and then fling myself off the top and onto some unsuspecting diva leaving Louis Vuitton on her way to American Girl to purchase overpriced doll crap for her princess daughter. Not that my princess daughter doesn't have a shitload of that overprice crap (thanks MIL!) But, I don't carry Louis.

I'm back on the wagon, "for reals", now. Went back to a meeting with a friend from our club. She said she was envious of the success that I've had and wanted to experience that. I think she must be blind 'cause I'm portly now. But, okay. So, I'm buckling down, again. Hopefully, for the last time. I'm tired of the yo-yoing thing. I'm in a good place now, too, so that helps. Promise me, that if I do it this time, you people won't let me turn into a psycho WW know it all, okay?

So, those of you that know me, know that I am also the Tipsy Chef. I'm really thinking about shutting down the website. I don't think it is worth the cash, honestly, as I get nada back. Based on some stuff I've seen others do, I'm thinking about moving it to a blog. Any thoughts on that?

The plantar fascitis is staring to let up some. So, hopefully, I'll be able to get back to the running. I can walk, most of the time now, without too much pain. So, hopefully, this was my flair up and it will subside for sometime. ~crossing fingers~

Given my late night last night watching my beloved Cubs suck butt, I think I shall head to bed in a few.