Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Is there really more than one Wenkus in Illinois?

Honestly, is the number really necessary on this license plate? Are people really and truly lining up for Wenkus plates? And, why do I find this so amusing? This is one I had no explanation for the Boiler Brats when they asked why I was laughing so hard.

This one was more self explanatory as even they found blue ponytails sticking out of a bike helmet amusing.

And, I leave you with a scene from the ONE playoff game I got to go to. Stupid Cubs. ~grr~ We had great seats, but it was a bizarre night weatherwise. If you notice, up in the sky, is the DirectTV blimp. That's the closest thing that Wrigley has to a big screen.

Tennis was good today, but I'm sore. We've been working on getting more power into my shots and the delt in my right arm is quivering. As are my thighs. The plantar fascitis has not reared its ugly head today, so if all is good...I'm going to attempt Zumba tomorrow. This. Could. Be. Amusing. From there, it is back to tennis on Thursday, and then possibly a run on Friday. I've three room mom meetings in the next two days. I'm gonna be peeved is this cuts into my ME time!!!

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