Saturday, October 11, 2008

I've got a new laptop!!! And, I Zumba'd!!!

I don't recall what exact number of laptop this is for me, but since I've moved to Chicago, it is number three. #1 is still working, though it is archaic. #2 died in it's toddler time. Only 18 months. This one, shiny and newborn as of (well, to me) today. Already, I've had issues. Wouldn't boot properly the first time powered up. My cell phone is acting wonky, too. Will only charge with random chargers at random times. The house alarm mocks me at times. My dishwasher used to make random beeping noises at me. My dryer's electrical brain went on hiatus not long after we got it, leaving me dryerless for almost two months. My DH's fish tank barks out alarms when it is only me in the house. The baby monitor spontaneously screeches at me. I'm beginning to think I have bad electronic karma.

Though my joy of the new laptop means little to you, I'm beyond excited. I can FINALLY start processing pictures again. The archaic laptop and Photoshop had a very tumultuous and hateful relationship. It was NOT good. So, in the next few weeks, I hope to update the hell outta my private blog. I also hope to migrate the Tipsy Chef website to a free, Boiler's not paying for it!, blog too.

I'm now back to WW meetings. A good friend that works at our club sweet talked me into going with her. She's a doll. She's taken care of my kids through her department for years now. So, off we went. It is good to be back in control again. I'm so proud of her as she has always bailed just a few weeks in. On Friday, she bought a monthly pass!!!! She's committed. I'm so happy for her!

However, in addition to her talking me into going back to meetings, she talked me into..... ZUMBA! I'd flirted with it, but our club had not offered it. I couldn't see joining the Y, or elsewhere, just for that. Recently, they brought it to our club! So, Wednesday night, I zumba'd. And, holy shit, I'm still sore!!! I played tennis on Tuesday, Zumba Wednesday, tennis Thursday. And come Saturday, I'm still sore? I mean, I consider myself somewhat fit. I can hold my own on the court. You can bounce quarters off of assorted body parts, mostly legs and ass. But, Zumba made me this achy?!?!? Of course, I've never been an aerobics class kinda gal, but hey, this was fun! So, I'm back. I'll go back. It was fun despite the fact that I felt like a schmoe. That the kitchen staff was watching. That I was red faced, sweaty, and uncoordinated. Yeah, it was fun!

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Ang said...

Lol B.
I recall the dryer incident.
Hope all the electronic apparatuses leave you alone.

I had to make lap top in for a boot problem as well. The damn Geek Squad make it look so easy when they go in and tweak a few things and all is good as before.