Thursday, June 12, 2008

Boiler's a runner.

Or so one of my friend's here in Chicago called me. And, she actually didn't call me Boiler, but whatever.

Never, ever in my life did I think that I would be called a runner. I lived by the mantra that I only ran if being chased by someone trying to kill me. And, then truthfully, it would probably be less painful to just quit running and let my chaser off me.

Somewhere, months ago, I got sucked in and talked into doing a 5k. And, then someone else (ahem, Lisa) convinced me to run a race much earlier than my first planned 5k. And what do you know? I was only planning on running half of it and I finished the whole thing! And, then, I was hooked. A week later, I fell down our hardwood stairs and broke my rib. Four weeks from my original first planned 5k. That's the first thing I asked the doc...can I still run the Wrigley race? She said no, but I did anyway. And, it's been all downhill since then.

My races so far...

St. Paddy's Day 5k - 3/16 43:55

Race to Wrigley - 4/13 36:36

Wrigley Early Start 5k - 4/19 35:15

Today, I'm deciding what else to run this summer. I don't do heat. So, this could be difficult. I'm also currently unable to sweat due to my hair straightening. Yeah, go ahead. Point and laugh at the greasy haired, stinky girl. I do know that I will do the Susan G. Komen here in Chicago in September. And, I have plans to head to Miami to run their SGK with a group of Weight Watchers friends in support of another WW friend, Mini, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

I've not been running recently, so I better get my rear in gear once I'm allowed to sweat again. (Saturday afternoon.)

That's me at the Wrigley race. And, no, those are NOT giant ass hoop earrings. They are the wires for my earphones. And the look on my face reflects the "oh fuck, it's a photographer" running through my mind.


Hope said...

**passing Boiler the KoolAid**

: )

Susan (aka Suba) said...

Yep, *nodding* it's true, you're a runner!

I LOVE that picture of Hope. It makes me LOL EVERY TIME I see it.
*giggle* <----seee

Jen Den said...

Your times on those races are really good!

Julia said...

Welcome to the dark side, B!


Delane said...

woot...I'm LMAO b/c you smoked Charlie, I thinkt thats him behind you in the photo.

We gotta get all the Chicago Chubby Chatter to do a fall race!

Charlotte said...

I am currently trying to decide what my first 5k should be. And I am getting fitted for my first pair of running shoes next weekend...

*chugging teh KoolAid*

Al's CL Reviews said...

Hey Boiler.

I don't run in the heat either.
5K in August will be the next one (I said I don't run in the heat, right?)

Kelly said...

That's a cute running pic :)

I hate running in the heat too, I love fall races.

boiler said...

Thanks guys!

D, that's too funny! I hadn't looked closely, but yes, I think that might be him in the background.

J-Mo said...

I really did think those were some hugeass hoop earrings you were wearing! Not that there's anything *wrong* with that.