Monday, June 16, 2008

Where did today go?

I swear, I can't catch up to save my soul. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc. And, the new area rugs shed like crazy, so they need to be vacuumed almost daily until they stop shedding. Everyday I empty the ol' Dyson and it looks like it vomitted up a small puppy. Speaking of vomit, I was greeted with "someone puked in the pool!" when I picked up my daughter from camp. And, it got even better...someone puked in the pool while she was in it! Ah, the joys of summer camp.

**tossing a now needs to be sanitized swimsuit onto the mountain of laundry**

I've put us on a no more new clothes moratorium. Seriously, how much clothing do four people really need? Not as much as we have! I foresee a huge Goodwill donation coming up. This happens periodically around here.

No exercise today, unless you count the marathon vacuuming of the above mentioned rugs and the toddler sized tumbleweeds they generate. And, the umpteen trips up and down the stairs to put away the volumes of laundry. My dream home would have laundry on all floors containing bedrooms.

But, I digress. I did talk to someone about boot camp. I dunno. I really don't get much out of personal trainer sessions. Or, at least, I never have. I'm working on setting up some tennis this week, but I fear the courts are booked up. My coach is back next week! Yahoooooo! And, there is another league starting at the end of the month that I'm comtemplating. The broken rib is still hurting. I actually have a doctor's appointment this week and I'm going to ask her about that. Seems to me, it should be better. eh.

I'm off to the ever present laundry. I'm also contemplating turning the garden hose on the naked neighbor children running through my landscaped front beds.


Delane said...

Ewh puke in the pool. Thats gotta suck if your the pool guy!

Julia said...

That is so foul. Poor little sanitized BB!