Friday, June 13, 2008

less than 24 hours to go...

...until I can wash this hair of mine. Yea! I'm contemplating washing it a bit early so we can go to the pool tomorrow. It is supposed to be sunny and 82 and why shell out the moola for the pool passes if you aren't going to use them, right?

I went to register for the Bastille Day race and it was sold out. BOO. I really, really wanted the shirt. See, I've become a race shirt junkie. And, it was a Nike DriFit shirt. I really missed the boat on that one! There are a couple of other evening races sprinkled about the summer that I need to check out. Now, if only I could recall where I put that info. Somewhere in my last fit of organization, I organized it so well that I can no longer locate it. Buggers.

My tennis coach is off this week and next, so hopefully I can arrange some matches for next week. I may *gasp* cheat on him with another coach. I can't stay inactive for too long. And, I can only fall off the Wii Balance Board so many times before the fun runs out of that.

Now, where is that bloody laundry fairy?

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Delane said...

Booo on Bastille Day. Check out the Womans 5K festival. Its a dryfit T and you get to pick from 1 of two types. Also, the race is all woman and down on the lakefront path.

Also, race for the taste is a dri-fit...Eh, I don't even run if it not dri-fit anymore..LOL