Saturday, June 14, 2008

Buh bye stinky head!

I planted our deck planters this morning and then took a shower. Oh glorious shower! However, after having about 8" of my hair cut off, I used way TOOOOOOO much shampoo. Holy bubbles, Batman! I must remember to not go so long between straightening sessions because it was super easy to do this morning. Super easy.

We did pack up and head to the pool. It wasn't too crowded and we figured out the lay of the land. My little one is peeved 'cause he can't do the slides. My daughter was in heaven though. Up the stairs, down the slides all day. And, the diving board. Ay yi yi! She is a natural at this, it appears. Now, I guess I need to look into diving lessons.

Date night for us tonight. I think we are going to hit one of the local summer street fairs. Summer street fairs usually equal 80s cover bands. Woo hoo! And, beer of course. Lots of people watching, too. Should be a fun evening!


Jen Den said...

That beer-drinking event sounds fun. Take me with you. Please.

Julia said...

I was looking into a straightening treatment til they told me it would take more than 3 hours, and that I would have to pay extra because my hair is so long/thick.

Sounds like you had a good weekend!