Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I love tennis

Even when I don't feel like crawling onto court, I still love tennis. Today, I was running on very few hours of sleep with a wicked headache and after warming up, I was thrilled to be out there. I lost a bit on my sabbatical, but I'm slowly getting my groove back. Seems as if after some time off, my serve has improved dramatically. And, I really did hit some legit winners. Ones that my pro really and truly could not get to. Woo hoo! I missed the sign up for league play this session, so I guess I need to drum up some other partners. Buggers.

Got my critiques back on my photos and one got Photo of the Week! *patting self on back* I'm really proud of this one as I truly do not like taking photos of humans. I expect to get winners when I stay in my comfort zone, so this one means a lot to me. Of course, I think my subject matter may have had a little bit to do with it since it was one of my kids. Not that I'm prejudiced or anything!

Tomorrow is looking like a pool day. I may try to run in the morning if I can snag a couple of spots at the club daycare. And, we have tickets to the Cubs tomorrow night. We only have two, so it will be a date night of sorts.

Thoughts and prayers to my friend, Mini, who went through her first round of chemo today. Those that believe send up a prayer for her, please. Those that don't, some happy, healing thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Yasmin said...

ugh, chemo is icky, but I hope she'll weather it well.

I'm impressed with A) your serve, it was my worse thing when I played, and B) your winning photo!