Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm back and I'm *almost* fatter than ever. Almost.

Turns out my screw plantar fascitis game plan was really a screw Boiler game plan in disguise. Yeah, moral of the story, don't fuck with plantar fascitis. That also led to the further sidelining of my tennis game. What is really bad is that I continued to eat like I was playing tennis 2-3x a week and running 3x a week. Thus...


And, low and behold, those medical types aren't jacking with you when they say that weight gain adversely impacts your joints. And, if your joints are already jacked up, guess are really screwed! ~~~mooooooooooooo~~~

I have signed up for my first 5k of the year. The annual Race to Wrigley. I missed last year thanks to, hello, plantar fascitis! *grr* But, this year, come hell or high water (excepting plantar fasicits!), I will do it. There's a good chance that I'll have to walk parts, but so be it. So be it. Never have I felt better than I did when I was running. Well, not while I was ACTUALLY running, but the non hellish moments of my life that didn't involve running but happened when running was part of my exercise routine. Now, yeah, not so much. ~~~mooo~~~

And the diet thing. I have pretty much given up on Weight Watchers. Not my WW friends, but the program. For me, I feel like that there has been too much emphasis on faux food. Everything fat free. Everything reduced calorie. Everything sugar free. Everything chock full of chemicals and other stuff to compensate for the lack of everything above. Now, no fear, I am NOT going all granola here. I will not be dousing myself in patchouli to drown out my body funk and I've no intentions of corn rowing my pit or leg hair. However, I've started watching a bit more of the stuff that goes into my food. And, I've found less phony and more real...less hungry Boiler. I've switched to the Daily Plate and find that watching calories at the end of day is working better for me today than anything else. Is it the magic bullet? Oh hell no. I'm sure it isn't. If there were a magic bullet, wouldn't we all be skinny? Right now, though, it's working better than WW or anything else.

Hm. What else is up...not that anyone cares. Yet, I'm going to blather on anyway! So there. ha! I am finally doing something, not a lot, but something, with my photography. This Christmas, I photographed several different families for their Christmas cards. I've done some full fledged portrait sessions, too. And, I've been photoshopping other people's photos for them. It's not going to pay the mortgage, but it gives me something of my own. Something that is mine! And, I was able to buy my mom's Christmas out of the profits and a little gift for myself.

I want to get my butt back in gear. This winter, though, seems to have been the winter of eternal sickness. I just finished up a 10 day course of antibiotics for the double whammy of strep throat and a sinus infection. The sinus issue had lingered for three freakin' weeks, happily accompanied with the barking seal cough. Today, I wake up to a sort throat. Again. Back to the Minute Clinic. We've also been to Children's Memorial for x-rays of a potentially, but thankfully not, broken foot. Minute Clinic visits for both kids for strep. One positive, one not. One husband with strep. And assorted other colds, sniffles, and general malaise. ugh. And, no miracle elixir, hot toddy/homemade Nyquil has my lovely husband has wiped out the whiskey stash. Tonight, him. Pillow. Smothered. Silently. In the dark.

We are staring at the week's end saying 40 and I am about to pee myself from excitement! Of course, post children, chances of me peeing myself at some point this week, is, well, highly likely. Coughing fits, hysterical laughter, sneezing, and jumping jacks can all produce unwanted effects. :/ Alas, though, the thought of spring around the corner makes me forget about considering Depends and think more about running. Wait...there is a chance I could pee myself running...


Al's CL Reviews said...

I'm laughing at all the peeing.

Yes, I got back on track after seeing Delane 20#s lighter. Pissed me off she looks great and I don't.

So we are going to go out to dinner again!

Hope you feel better!

Delane said...

LOL @ the peeing.

I have flatulence issues while running not peeing. I to will have to walk some of the race to Wrigley.