Saturday, March 6, 2010

Skinny Hands

Me and the lil' Miss B during the summer of '08 prior to a minor league ballgame at Wrigley. I miss those hands. Veiny, skinny goodness that they were. I strive to have those hands, and collarbones!, again.

This is my latest triumph.

Yeah, yeah nothing to do with weight loss, running, or anything remotely fat chick related. Alas, I'm going to brag anyway! I cranked this out while dealing with strep and then a repeat performace of strep, meaning that I didn't kick it in the first place. I absolutely loved quilting again. I hope that I can find time to do so more often in the future. Of course, both kids have been pestering me for their own quilts. Now, they've seen me in action and well, it's hard to believe that they've ramped up the pestering!!

Tomorrow, the quilt goes up on the auction block. Bigger than that, though, we head back to the dojo where my daughter continues her quest for her orange belt. I'm still a little amazed that I have a (potential) martial artist in the household. Even more amazing is her determination to make this happen. She is such a serious and determined student. Oh, and fyi, that is NOT just me saying that, but also coaches! :)