Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fat Girl, Revisited.

That's it. I'm back at it. I need input from Chicago area people for fall 5ks. (mind you...I'm scared of the suburbs. fyi.)

Plantar fascitis be damned. Giant gut be damned. I must run again. It's not that I actually "like" running. It's more that I like me when I run. Most of the time when I am running, there is a litany of curse words running through my head. If there were sailors in my family, they would probably be horrified and proud...all at the same time. I don't think kind thoughts when running. I can't say that I've experience that "euphoria" that others talk about. Mostly I think about death. Mine, the organizers, the fools that I blindly followed into this running thing, the runners around me, etc. Yet, I'm oddly thrilled when I finish a race. And, yes, I'm fully aware that 5k is only 3 miles and NOTHING to real runners. But, it works for me with my crappy knees and now, apparently, bad feet. I want to race that random person to the finish line again. I want another PR!

Soooooo...Chicago people, again, help with the fall 5ks!


Delane said...

Ugh I've had PF for MONTHS. IT SUCKS and has ruined my running season. with that being said...

9/12 - Chicago Lung Run
9/19 Chicago Beachathlon
10/3 Aids Run
10/4 Bucktown 5k...bears game that day so it depends on the game start time (hope they move to 3 pm, but doubt it)

10/17 pumpkins in the park (GREAT one for kids!!)

10/24 Nike Human Race

10/25 either Gargoyle Gallop or the Tricker Treat Trot

10/31 Day of the Dead 5K

11/1 Hot Chocolate 15k/5K

11/22 Heartland Harvest 5K

11/26 Turkey Trot

12/6 Jingle Bell Run/Walk

12/13 Rudolph Rumble

and this concluded 2009 run/walk, suck and Hate my foot season in Chicago.

I am also doing 2 races in WI..but I doubt you want to drive 8 hours for a 5K

Al's CL Reviews said...

Sounds like Delane has you covered!