Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I love my family.

Today, I loaded up the BoilerBrats post school and we headed downtown to visit my aunt, cousin, and kids and swim in a pool that we weren't actually supposed to use since we weren't actually paying for a room at that hotel. But, they were. And, I'm bitchy, so just go ahead and challenge me! 'cause I'll sic my 7 year old yellow belt on your ass. BOOYAH! I love being all cocky about her. *snort*

The Youngest went drama queen on me and he incessantly complained about being cold and was clamped onto my side. And hungry. He's always hungry. He eats every 20 minutes, but yet, has a mini 6 pack going on. Clearly, I have doubts that he is mine. WAIT. Back it up. No doubts he is mine over the eating habits. Doubts over the mini six pack abs. Yeah, that ain't my spawn! The Oldest was loving being in the water. It's been awhile since she's been in the pool. And, she was appropriately adorned in an itty bitty, teeny weenie, yellow polka dot bikini. Okay, not so teeny weenie as I refuse to pimp out my 7 year old ala that disturbing show about the mini beauty pageants. She just loves it 'cause it has ruffles. She was impressing her great aunt with handstands and underwater somersaults. And, oh no, she didn't LOVE the attention.

After Youngest decided to perch himself on a lounge chair and have his great aunt and cousins dote on him by swathing him in towels for warmth and feeding him food for sustenance, my aunt and I got to chitchat as I can leave Oldest in the pool just under watchful eye. Damn, I love that woman. She's like the great bits of my mom with some objectivity since I'm not her kid and a dash of my beloved grandma all rolled into one. And it makes me want to be around the bulk of them (not the LOONY ones!) all the more. I've made promises to myself before to make it back home more often. I need to deliver on that this summer. I do.

The ankle update. Yeah, well, I think I'm going to have to cave and get xrays. The swelling is going down. The pain is lessening but I'm finding some very, very tender spots and it is a bit warm to the touch in spots. In breaking news, since it will be pushing 80 at week's end...I have unpedicured toenails perched on the edge purplish black toes! WOOT! Oh, and a cankle and a club foot. I miss my dainty feet. That's about the only thing on me that doesn't get bigger when I fluctuate weight. And, I'm still distraught that I couldn't try on my brand new, just arrived within minutes of my sprain, Burberry wedges!


Al's CL Reviews said...

picture of the shoes please.

LOL about the youngest spawn being all dramatic and such. Sounds like he knows how to play this

Delane said...

ditto on the pictures of the shoes..I'm living vicariously though you, ya know!

bg_94 said...

Sorry ladies! Here's the shoes...


The only difference is that the center piece with the grommets on mine are black.