Monday, September 1, 2008

Anyone wanna guess this dude is single and happy with his hand?

The Cubs sucked. Plain and simple. S-U-C-K-E-D. That I can deal with. They've done that before. However, we had the worst company ever in the crowd around us. Four young "men" the row below us. Two were Sux fans. And typical Sux fans at that. I had a better time at the White Sox v. Cubs when the real fans came to Wrigley. These were "that" fan. You know the one, the ones that simply go to a game to cheer for the other team. Add to that, they were ripped and dropping the f bomb like mad. With a boatload of kids in the stands. Nice. And then came the cigarettes. There were, at least, six people bitching at them at any given point in time. God forbid it a was a woman as she was called the ol' C U N*ext T*uesday kinda gal. Add to that, the guys behind us not just talking politics, but YELLING politics. And, their points? Well, whatever one they attempted to make in their drunken idiocy, they then countered with their next breath. What a day.

So this is the one of the "dudes" in front of us running his mouth. NON STOP. Non stop. I wanted to punch him. His buddy yelled at a 7 year old for not eating cotton candy. Who does that? Oh yeah, Southside trash. That's who does that. What you can't see here is the impressive jailhouse ink (*snort*) all over his forearms or his stoned out of his mind eyes sporting swollen drunk lids. You can, however, see his stylish black calf socks. (callling Boiler's dad, circa '84 on the riding John Deere mower and the jumbo Radio Shack AM/FM headphones!) And, AND, the hat..."Skin Industries" complete with a lil' trucker mud flap stripper logo on the back. It just doesn't get much classier than that. And, here he is trying not to pass out, uh, I mean take a nap...

Back off ladies. I hate to disappoint but he was wearing a wedding ring. MrB thinks it was a stripper at the local pasty club and, well, I think he is probably right.

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