Monday, September 15, 2008

There's a giant blue W in my front window!

I got off my fat ass today!!!!

I was feeling horrid after some crappy lunch choices. Left me with next to no points for the night. I hauled the stroller out of the basement storage area, shrieked in girlie horror over the multitude of centipedes milling about in the storage area , and loaded my son into the stroller. We hauled butt down to Wrigley Field in quest of the W flag that flies above Wrigley Field every time the Cubs have a home win. For some reason, my son is obsessed with that Cubs blue W on the white flag. In fact, we had to stay until it was hoisted the last game we went to. Thank God, they won!

So, after hoofing it down there and finding the flag, we went to see the firetruck. The firetruck was behind closed doors and it was starting to cloud up throwing a wrench in my plans to wander around until time to pick up my daughter. So, I hauled ass back home. Stopped at the Quickie Mart to grab something to drink because I was trying to hack up a lung while running with the stroller only to find out that DS had crashed while I was running. ~grr~ Now, I'm all the way back home with a sleeping kid (he needed it...he was up all night. Which means I was too!) So what to do? I'm back home with a sleeping kid that I can't take out of the stroller because he will wake up and instantaneously channel Satan. Only Satan would be a generous soul also sweet, gentle, kind, and caring compared to my child. So, I slugged down my cold drink and decided to head back out. This would be a good time to do some birthday shopping for the sleeping spawn of the Devil.

After a couple of backtracks, I finally found the coveted Woody Jibbitz for his Crocs and was off to pick up DD from school. All told, I logged close to 5 miles today, some of it running!

My knees hurt. My plantar fascitis is very angry with me. But, damn I feel good.

And, I realized I need a bra for my gut.

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Al's CL Reviews said...

When you find the gut bra...let me know...D and I both need one.