Monday, April 5, 2010


Yea! The ankle, not broken. I called the doc and finally got in. Of course, not to my regular doc, but rather to see someone with the personality of a toad. Actually, that is degrading to the toads across the world. Thank heavens, he is not my regular doctor. Seriously, a sense of humor never really killed anyone.

As I suspected, I had to have xrays and then wait for radiology to talk to Dr. Zero Personality and then wait for him to get back to me. All told, about 24 hours after my appointment. Not too shabby in today's world of wait and see, I guess. What I find particularly irksome is that he told me on Thursday that, if it wasn't fractured, it was definitely a grade two sprain. He then said there was no point in wrapping or taping it. No point in icing it, even though it swells up at the end of the day. And, ibuprofen is really pointless, despite the fact that it is still painful. Alrighty, then.

Friday evening, he calls me and tells me that it is not broken and I ask him again, what to do about managing the pain, the swelling, the weakness in the joint and was told nothing. This all sounded off to me so I turned to my trusty friend, Google. And, eventually, I landed on some rather official looking site that had to do with the American association of ortho docs of some sort. That site along with several others said that a grade two sprain should be wrapped, taped, or preferably put in an air cast. Ice for swelling. Anti-inflammatory as necessary. Dude. Seriously? And one of sister in laws, a RN, was not happy either. I really don't know what was wrong with this guy, but I do know when my opinion form comes in the mail, it won't be returned favorably.

Today for several hours, I was able to walk with no limp! Of course, to me, this means I'm ready to get right back on the tennis court. But, I won't. As I sit and type now, it is throbbing and aching and feels like someone has a vice grip on my ankle bone. So, I guess I'll be taking it easy. And, there goes another Race to Wrigley 5k out the door for me. I now own more t-shirts for the Races I didn't run than those that I did. :( I'll get 'em next year. I hope. As for tennis, I'll take this week and possibly next off. See how I feel. Watching Roddick win the Sony Ericsson this weekend was brutal. I want to be back on court! With that, back to the marathon spring cleaning. I figure if we aren't going anywhere, I might as well make the slave labor, uh, I mean kids, useful this week!


Delane said...

I could use the slave labor in River North. Glad its not broken.

Al's CL Reviews said...

At least he x-rayed the right foot!

That is ridiculous. I sprained my ankle in October and mentioned to the doc it still hurts. He said, take advil and put it in a brace when I exercise.

I would write a letter to the doctor or the practice to say that you are unhappy with his diagnosis or at least his bedside manner. The other docs in the practice have a right to know they work with a potential DB.